The next step for corporate impact isn't a step at all – it’s a gondola ride.


Meet us on the Piazza San Marco, where the elegant home of The Human Safety Net will put our talks, workshops and networking all under one roof. And since the sky is the limit for big ideas, there’s a rooftop for al fresco big thinking!


The Human Safety Net

The Human Safety Net is a global movement of people helping people. Its mission is to unlock the potential of people living in vulnerable circumstances, so that they can transform the lives of their families and communities.

Their programs support vulnerable families with young children (0-6 years) and integrate refugees through work and entrepreneurship. To do so, the organisation brings together the strengths of non-profit organizations and the private sector, in Europe, Asia and South America.

The Human Safety Net is an open net, working together with companies, organisations and foundations who share the same goals. It is now active in over 20 countries.


Procuratie Vecchie

The first Procuratie Vecchie were built in the XII century under Doge Sebastiano Ziani to house the offices and home of St. Mark's Procurators, the highest dignitaries in the government of the Republic of Venice, who were charged with administering the treasury of the Church of Saint Mark as well as the financial affairs of state wards and trust funds established on behalf of religious and charitable institutions.



One year after it was founded in 1831 in Trieste, Generali opened its first office in Venice in the Procuratie Vecchie. The Procuratie Vecchie were company's headquarters in Venice until 1989.



In 2017, Generali announced the start of restoration work by David ChipperfieldThe interventions looked at traditional construction techniques and made use of local artisanal craftsmanship for the flooring, walling and ceiling, seeking not to impose but rather to inherit, to complete into a unique composition and reclaim the integrity of what has been present for hundreds of years in probably the most representative place in Venice.


The new home

In April 2022 the Procuratie became the official home of The Human Safety Net. The space is divided into four different, interconnected and synergetic areas. All are, in different ways, an expression of The Human Safety Net's mission and programmes.

The interactive exhibition A World of Potential makes visitors protagonists and conveys a message that is at the heart of The Human Safety Net's mission: the importance of being aware of our potential and the right we all have to express and develop it. The Hub is a co-working space for the creation and development of new ideas and projects that have social inclusion issues at their heart. The Hall, with its state of the art auditorium,  is an inspiring space for meetings and dialogue. The Illy Café, adjacent to the exhibition, is a place for refreshment, but also for reflection.



The Home of The Human Safety Net
Piazza San Marco, 105
30124 Venezia, Italy



...are filling up fast in Venice, and we're afraid we can't help much on that front this year. Please reach out to your travel agent, adesso!

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