Impact transformers!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

12-13 June | The Hague

Business of Impact meets Capital Ideas

Impact funds, financial institutions and corporate impact actors join forces for a two-day gathering where the only constant is transformative change. We’re calling all transformers to join us!

By holding the two events, Business of Impact and Capital Ideas, concurrently, we want to break siloes and form new connections across the continuum of capital.

Collaboration across all stakeholders is how we can deliver on the most ambitious impact plans, accelerate journeys to purpose and navigate the perils of political instability in a fragmented global economy.  

Choose your playground:

Business of Impact 


Since 2019, Business of Impact is the European gathering of corporate impact stakeholders in search of the most effective ways to advance their social impact by strategically leveraging corporate resources. It brings together 200+ corporate impact actors at the intersection of their journeys to purpose.  

Transformers: corporate foundations, impact funds and accelerators; corporate impact venturing; sustainability/ESG/CSR leaders.  

Capital Ideas 


Our first European summit to bring together Europe’s leading impact funds, banks and financial institutions. We’ll curate a space of inspiration and trust, where attendees can connect with peers, share knowhow and launch collaborations.   


Transformers: impact funds, VC, PE and family offices; financial institutions and their funds, accelerators and impact venturing departments; investment/sustainability/ESG/CSR leaders from banks and financial institutions.  

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