Kitchen? Check! Gym? Check! Coffee? Check!​​​

Badges? Nope!

Here's how it works: Wednesday - two flocks, Thursday - all together.

12 June

On Wednesday we're running two separate programme tracks - one for Business of Impact and one for Capital Ideas. Use the track filter to see what's on your agenda.

Let's recap: Business of Impact is for corporate impact actors, Capital Ideas is for impact funds and financial institutions.

13 June

On Thursday we're breaking the barriers and going all in on connection and collaboration. All programme is open to all participants. Day 2 workshops are organised in 4 groups:

Shapeshifters is about fresh work across the continuum of capital.

Game changers is about shining examples of co-investing.

Team players is about collective action in thematic areas.

Landscape architects is about ecosystem building and policy frameworks.

Use the tag filter to check what's on offer in each stream.

Don't worry, on both days, we'll experience all the networking opportunities together.

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